Manual of Resources for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention

BeyondNow Suicide Safety Plan

This iOS app allows people to customise a safety plan for use in times of distress, with reminders of reasons to live and ways to stay safe. While the app is for use by anyone potentially at risk of suicide, Indigenous people with lived experience contributed to its design, and it can be readily configured to include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community supports and images.

Source: beyondblue

More Suggested Resources

The Little Red Threat Book demonstrates how to respond when someone says they will take their own life unless another person does as they demand. It describes how such threats, which may feel manipulative or abusive, can result from trauma, including intergenerational trauma, grief, loss, and the experiences of poverty, racism and colonising policies and practices. It shows how those in a supporting role can create safe spaces without compromising their own safety or integrity. Source: Central Australia Life Promotion Network

The Break It Down video project, with youth in North Queensland, includes original music and stories of cultural connection from five communities. All the videos are also available through the Hitnet kiosk and wifi service for remote communities which may not have regular internet access. Break It Down is a project of North Queensland Primary Health Network, with Desert Pea Media. Music video from the Ilan Styles group of young people from Thursday Island in the Torres Strait.

A series of videos from Yarns Heal campaign ambassadors: Tiahni, youth ambassador, talks about family, community and empowerment Source: Yarns Heal - funded by Brisbane North PHN

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