Manual of Resources for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention

Paul’s Story

Interview with Paul Callaghan, author, consultant and proud Worimi man from Port Stephens in NSW, who shares his lived experience of depression, and discusses the importance of connection to Aboriginal culture and spirituality for his wellbeing.

Source: Black Dog Institute

More Suggested Resources

Sam describes overcoming mental illness as a battle that requires determination to avoid negative thought cycles. He talks about the value of exercise, diet, discipline, communication and relaxation in achieving “the greatest victory that any of us can achieve in our lifetime”. Source: Desert Pea Media/WNSWPHN

Grief is an emotional response to loss, which might include the death of a loved one, loss of health, ending of a relationship, loss of a job, or a loss of cultural connection, such as moving off country. It is important to acknowledge and express those feelings without judgement. Source: 13YARN

Financial stress refers to the anxiety and pressure individuals experience when they struggle to meet their monetary obligations, be it short-term expenses or long-term debts. Source: 13YARN

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