Manual of Resources for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention

When someone takes their own life, What Next?

A resource for people who have lost someone to suicide, covering practical and financial issues and well as psychological adjustment, and inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Source: WA Mental Health Commission

More Suggested Resources

Sisters Nerida and Roxanne Lorde talk about their strong bond in the face of the deaths of many family members, and how they find peace amid their grief. Source: Desert Pea Media/WNSWPHN

Short resource describing the role of the coroner, including after a suicide. The resource covers identification, autopsy, funeral planning, death certification and Aboriginal family liaison. While it relates to Victoria, most content is general in nature and relevant in other states. Source: Coroner’s Court Victoria

his resource describes how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people may experience sorry business, grief and loss, and the types of support that may help. Source: Lifeline

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