Manual of Resources for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention

ATSISPEP: Report of the Critical Response Pilot Project

ATSISPEP: Report of the Critical Response Pilot Project

More Suggested Resources

The Little Red Threat Book demonstrates how to respond when someone says they will take their own life unless another person does as they demand. It describes how such threats, which may feel manipulative or abusive, can result from trauma, including intergenerational trauma, grief, loss, and the experiences of poverty, racism and colonising policies and practices. It shows how those in a supporting role can create safe spaces without compromising their own safety or integrity. Source: Central Australia Life Promotion Network

Short text and pictorial resource about feelings and adjustment after losing someone to suicide. Source: Yarrabah Council and community (North Queensland)

A resource for people who have lost someone to suicide, covering practical and financial issues and well as psychological adjustment, and inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Source: WA Mental Health Commission

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