Manual of Resources for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention

Culturally informed trauma-integrated healing practice – Part 2

Two-part podcast with concepts and practical skills to support mainstream professionals working with First Nations children, young people and their families and communities, featuring:

Professor Judy Atkinson
Dr Carlie Atkinson
Source: Emerging Minds

More Suggested Resources

Desert Pea Media – Music Videos Desert Pea Media works with Indigenous young people in regional and remote areas, using storytelling and audio-visual media to promote social and cultural dialogue, responding to issues including intergenerational trauma, suicide, unemployment and incarceration. Song from Kamilaroi people in western NSW about the mental health challenges of living in two worlds, and an invitation to come together with respect and inclusion.

This short resource describes basic cultural competencies for clinical staff to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and their families. Source: Queensland Government

This framework supports Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations to improve their cultural security, both for employees and for clients/patients. While developed specifically for the Kimberley, the principles are likely to be valuable in other regions. The framework sets out performance targets under four categories: Professional development of the workforce The workplace environment Care models Systems and processes Source: Kimberley Aboriginal Health Planning Forum

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