Manual of Resources for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention

Sad news, sorry business

These guidelines were developed for health workers caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through death and dying. They are not specifically about suicide but include sections on sudden death and coronial investigations, and general explanation and advice to support culturally-responsive care of a dying person and their family.
Source: Queensland Health

More Suggested Resources

Will Hill talks about his experience of reaching out to Elders, finding strength in culture, and recovering from depression and thoughts of suicide. Source: Desert Pea Media/WNSWPHN

Two-part podcast with concepts and practical skills to support mainstream professionals working with First Nations children, young people and their families and communities, featuring: Professor Judy Atkinson Dr Carlie Atkinson Source: Emerging Minds

Sam describes overcoming mental illness as a battle that requires determination to avoid negative thought cycles. He talks about the value of exercise, diet, discipline, communication and relaxation in achieving “the greatest victory that any of us can achieve in our lifetime”. Source: Desert Pea Media/WNSWPHN

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